Barilla Pavilion International


Pedrignano, Italy

The narrative experience that we propose to the visitor is a narration for parts. It’s made up of spaces that project the visitor’s sight towards the surrounding landscape through a regular rhythm punctuated by solid (columns) and empty (windows). The landscape is designed in continuity with the interior, and it is defined by a series of green areas that give a sensorial experience to visitors.
The volumes that characterize the pavilion articulate a landscape of pitched roofs where the brick marks the rhythm of the façades, in this way the Barilla Pavilion celebrates a refined connection with the language belonging to the traditional architecture of Emilia Romagna. The profile represents a clear reference point both when we looking at it from the interstitial spaces of the Barilla company and from the motorway.
The Barilla Pavilion will allow to understand the past value for the coming generations, building a dignified, measured and controlled scenario for today.
The Barilla Pavilion is the place that will make us feel part of a past, present and future community.







Competition entry

Design year

June 2018


Barilla Pavilion International


Samuel Quagliotto – Martina Tocco


Pedrignano, Italy

Factory, Museum, Public Spaces