atelier samuel quagliotto is an atelier for achitecture based in Italy. Here Samuel Quagliotto investigates and experiments how architecture can respond, in an intimate way, to the functions of people who live in these places and environments, giving importance to the design or choice of furnishings and lighting. It is believed that the best way to think architecture is through research, both into construction materials and into history and tradition.
His research fields focus both on the city, trying to synthesize the eurythmy generated by the composition of the different buildings and places that define the urban spaces, and on the intimacy of the interior spaces.
Nature plays a fundamental role in architectural design. Nature is seen as an active part in defining regenerating places for human beings.
The atelier is constantly involved in architectural competitions, as well as being engaged in works for private clients.

Samuel Quagliotto is Architect and Ph.D. in Architecture with a doctoral thesis on Kay Otto Fisker.
In 2014 he founded atelier samuel quagliotto with the intention to investigate the combination of functionality and intimacy to design an everyday architecture.
His architectural researches concerne the Scandinavian countries; in particular he investigates the Danish architecture of the ‘900.
In 2021 he published the book Kay Otto Fisker – Architetto danese della monumentalità del quotidiano, edited by Campisano editore.
Samuel Quagliotto is interested in the study of art, Impressionism and Post-Impressionism are the artistic movements that intrigue him most. The works of painters such as Vincent van Gogh, Claude Monet, Pierre-August Renoir, Berth Morisot and mostly the Skagen Painters (danish: Skagensmalerne), Peder Severin Krøyer, Anna Ancher and Lauris Tuxen, are at the center of his research. This interest has repercussions on the methods of producing images, tools through which trying to predict the result of a thoughtful architecture.
From 2015 to 2020 he covered the position as teaching assistant professor at the University La Sapienza in Rome in Designing Courses. In the same university he covered the position as Subject Matter Expeter from 2020 to 2022.
Samuel Quagliotto is a registered italian architect at Albo of Latina n° 1257.

People who have collaborated in the atelier from 2014: Genny Valletta, Matteo Galetto, Caroline Scalco, Paolo Maiozzi, Beatrice Magliocchetti, Chiara Mascagni, Daniela Nappo, Daniel Angel Gomez Rojas, Martina Tocco, Francesca Pizzo, Francesco Nardacci, Maria Marrone, Federica Mengoni, Livia Medici, Clarissa Nazzaro


Samuel Quagliotto

Architect and Founder


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6° place

Secondary school in Ceranova

March 2023

5° prize

Primary school in Gemona del Friuli Futura Scuola

December 2022

Honorable Mention

Tra Borgo e Fabbrica

Febraury 2019


Top 10 Italian Architect NIB

Novembre 2018

1° Prize

Scuole Innovative Sora

January 2018

1° Prize

Pavilion for the Christmas market in Aosta

October 2017

1° Prize

Casa delle Associazioni

June 2017

Upper class

Aviapolis Urban Block

April 2017

Honorable Mention

Temple Hilma af Klint

March 2017