Kintergarden Tagliabue in Villasanta


Villasanta, Italy

The initial idea, on which the relationship with the urban context is investigated, is to give value to the elevations that overlook the two road axes. For this purpose, the main entrance to the school is located on via A. Villa and the secondary entrance on via E. De Amicis for extra hours activities. The two entrances are underlined by the presence of projections that build a visual and spatial frame. In this way it will be possible to activate two urban spaces at two different times of the day.
These two areas are visually connected by the perimeter wall defined as concave and convex shapes that guide the user’s eye. Between these two focal points, exactly at the intersection between the two roads, the wall with a concave shape designs a small plaza that can become a convivial point for citizens.
The appearance of the wall finished in layered and pigmented recycled concrete, together with the brick cladding of the volumes above, gives a material and vibrant character to the school.


Kintergarden Tagliabue in Villasanta


Samuel Quagliotto


Villasanta, Italy

Design year



Competition entry


Municipality of Villasanta