Istituto di Agraria ITIS Montani di Fermo


Montegiorgio, Italy

The context in which it is located is mainly natural. The building fits into the context by adapting to the morphology of the landscape, a line on the horizon that declares its presence from a few elements that mark the horizontality of the school building.
The internal viability of the lot is clear and effective in distributing to the various accesses of the institute. There are internal parking spaces useful for school users during and after school hours.
As soon as you cross the threshold of the lot, the volumetric composition of the school building ensures easy recognition of the different external areas and the different entry points.
The hierarchy of volumes, to orient the user, is marked by the main entrance and the portico (in the centre), the highest volume of the complex which houses the gymnasium (on the right) and the remaining part of the school building (on left). These architectural elements correspond to open spaces: a small square which acts as a hinge between the entrance to the institute and the gymnasium, the various external gardens in physical contact with the rooms located on the ground floor and in visual contact with the functions located first floor.


Istituto di Agraria ITIS Montani di Fermo


Samuel Quagliotto


Montegiorgio, Italy

Design year



Competition entry


Provincia di Fermo