Ex Frigorifero Militare Cuneo


Cuneo, Italy

“Creating a public, urban, flexible and multipurpose container, which can testify to belonging to its time, dialoguing with the context and with the Landscape”. This sentence of the competition announcement has been thoroughly analyzed to investigate the correct form to be adopted for this place to propose an architectural proposal where the community can have the space to meet and build relationships.
The new form that is proposed for the Ex Frigorifero Militare tries to build a relationship with the urban context. The language of the roofs of the surrounding buildings was studied so as to synthesize a new articulated roof, which strongly characterizes the formal aspect of the organism, and which recalls the context.
The intention is also to establish the shape and composition of the masses to guide the eye of citizens in the interpretation of the different areas of the urban space.


Ex Frigorifero Militare


Samuel Quagliotto


Cuneo, Italy

Design year

August 2020


Comune di Cuneo




Competition Entry

Museum, Public Spaces