Elderly Home and Kindergarten in Grosotto


Grosotto, Italy

The architectural volumes of the new Grosotto Personal Services Center pursues the desire to establish a contemporary dialogue with the urban context. The shape of the volumes attempts to update the forms belonging to Grosotto’s profiles, so it is the design of the pitched roof that is investigated to propose a domestic image of the complex. The material aspect of the leather is also investigated so that the result can establish a strong link with the plastic and material qualities of the context. The groundfloor is made of wood, above the volumes are cladding with plaster.
The volumes composition establish a calibrated articulation of masses and voids that allow you to generate small urban areas of different nature.
The building consists of two main bodies. This is both to meet the need to divide the building into two lots, and to design the functional nature of the various parts towards the urban space. This guarantees two positive aspects: to permit to read different functions and to design a shapes that determine a rythm of the architectural complex.


Elderly Home and Kindergarten in Grosotto


Samuel Quagliotto


Grosotto, Italy

Design Year

September 2020


Comune di Grosotto




Competition entry

Public Spaces, Residential / Housing, School