The fjord of imagination



Finland. Oulu. Why do we call the industry of Santa Claus using a term that brings to mind a geography that does not belong to Finland but to an another nation? The answer lies in the link between the composition of this natural place and the figure of Santa Claus. The fjord is a natural place, closed, which can be accessed exclusively by an opening, which reveals only part of what there is inside. Once you cross the natural threshold, the mystery is revealed and this arouses emotions in the viewer. Santa Claus is the symbol of the imagination, but even more of the mystery. Mystery, imagination, are attitudes that people have been having towards life. It is the “existence” of Santa Claus that gives inadvertently to all of us in our purest age, these emotions. Hence the figure of the fjord and Santa Claus are put together and creating a mysterious, magical place to be discovered.
The factory is closed to the outside but at the same time conceal inside a place to explore for visitors and a bright place for workers, thanks to court: an essential element.
The court is the void that allows at the ground floor of the building, the construction of the porch, where workers and visitors can walk. Along the perimeter of the porch there are large windows from which light filters inside.


the fjord of imagination


Samuel Quagliotto


Oulu, Finland

Design year

December 2014


The unbelievable challenge competition




Competition entry