Vicolo della Moretta


Roma, Italy

Samuel Quagliotto:
“As architect and Ph.D. I study deeply Scandinavian architecture, with a particular focus on Danish architecture. One result I have achieved is the publication of my doctoral dissertation on the Danish architect Kay Otto Fisker, published with Campisano Editore and with the title ‘Kay Otto Fisker – Architetto danese della monumentalit√† del quotidiano’.
About Scandinavian countries, as well as the interest in the design and composition of architectural buildings, I study how they are able to design urban spaces in the city with great attention to the possible everyday situations in the lives of individual citizens.
During last years I have seen an increasing research and attention in the design of streets, squares and parks. Cities are becoming truly citizen-friendly and no longer seen as street and parking for cars.
A few days ago I reflected on this topic thinking about Italy, more specifically about the city of #Rome. I reflected on the congestion of cars and the need for this city to focus on thinking the streets more for citizen as the main user.
A few weeks ago I was walking along Via Giulia, right in the historic centre, until I came to Vicolo della Moretta. Perhaps it was once a vicolo but now its urban dimensions bring it more to the image of a plaza. And as is so often happened for Italian plazas, these are irrevocably transformed into car parks. It is a real problem to find parking inside the city of Rome, but there is a need to think how to give more space to slow mobility and to bring nature and comfortable urban spaces inside the city, under people’s doorsteps. What I want to share today is an image that I create proposing an idea of how Vicolo della Moretta could take on a new spatial configuration.
My thought is that we need to work on this for all the Romans and commuters who live in the city of Roma to transform it into a city citizen-friendly.”


Vicolo della Moretta


Samuel Quagliotto


Roma, Italy

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