our services

atelierQUAGLIOTTO is able to solve customer requests through the strong connection between theory and practice.

Architectural and Urban Design

Sacred Design

Exhibition design

Collaborations and Consulting

We design with care the residential buildings and the urban space where take place the everyday life.
We offer our services to both private commissione and public bodies, through public competitions and invitations.
We also offer design / renovation services for residential and commercial interiors.


– architectural design
– urban planning
– renovation of residential and commercial spaces
– interior design

Over the years we have developed experience in the design of sacred architecture, focusing on the fundamental role of sacred institutions within the city. We offer an overall plan that goes from the relation with the urban space to the drawing of the interior furniture.


– church design
– planning of parish complexes
– design and expansion of cemeteries and crematorium
– drawing of sacred furnishings

We interpret art to design exhibition inside museums that are able to transmit to the visitor a reading of the works.


– exhibition design
– design of exhibition halls
– museum design and expansion
– renovation of museums

We are available to construction companies and other professionals in the field for collaboration and consulting, so you can get projects with the highest quality and make the end customer satisfied.


– consulting for construction companies
– consulting for technical studies
– collaborations with professionals in the sector
– consultancy for real estate agencies