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Progetto site museum

The new museum is set on the village in Montemor-o-Novo and openly declaring full respect for the ruins. The volumes of the museum take place on the hill to allow the visitors, arriving from the upper path, a visual continuity of the castle ruins. The location of the museum is designed to make it a base for the castle and to emphasize it and celebrate it. Another fundamental aspect, the museum directs the gaze of the viewer to the landscape.

name: site museum      

team: Samuel Quagliotto      

location: Montemor-o-Novo, Portugal      

design year: February 2014      

client: arkxsite architeture competition competition     

status: competition     

classification: competition entry     

Bozzetto grafico progetto Site Museum

Bozzetto 2 progetto site museum

Planimetria progetto Site Museum

Bozzetto Site Museum di museo a Montemor-o-Novo Portogallo

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