atelier QUAGLIOTTO 04100 Latina

Meet us

atelier QUAGLIOTTO is an architecture atelier based in Latina, Italy. We always keep in mind that the best way to improve our way to make architecture is by research, for this reason we are involved in several competitions and works.
Our attention is focused from the room to buildings, to public space, to large scale urban planning; we don’t believe in specialization.
During the design process we imagine the good quality of living. Every single project is the result of an accurate research. Every single picture of our proposal has been studied. In our atelier we try to put together human feelings with forms and materials. We don’t believe in originality but in revisiting the deep tradition.

atelier QUAGLIOTTO was estabilished in 2014 by architect Samuel Quagliotto. He is a registered italian architect. He is a teaching assistant at the course Composition III at the university La Sapienza, Roma where also is currently doing the PhD research  

Arch. Samuel Quagliotto registered at Albo degli Architetti P.P.C. of Latina n° 1257

People who have worked in the atelier from 2014:  

Genny Valletta, Matteo Galetto, Caroline Scalco, Paolo Maiozzi, Beatrice Magliocchetti, Chiara Mascagni, Daniela Nappo, Daniel Angel Gomez Rojas